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Rema Makes History As He Performs At Ballon d’Or 2023




In a historic moment at the Ballon d’Or 2023 event in Paris on Monday night, Nigerian sensation Rema graced the stage with a mesmerizing performance.

The multi-award-winning artiste delivered his chart-topping hit ‘Calm Down’ with a flair that captivated the audience, which included football stars from around the globe.

Rema’s performance marked a significant milestone in the music world, as he became the first Afrobeats artiste ever to perform at the prestigious Ballon d’Or awards.

This achievement highlights the remarkable journey the singer has undertaken in 2023.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to perform at the ceremony, Rema took to Twitter, stating, “Afrobeat in Ballon d’Or! I’m truly grateful for the opportunity. Glory to the most high for the grace.”

A day before the Ballon d’Or ceremony, a photo circulated on social media featuring Rema alongside one of the event’s hosts and legendary footballer, Didier Drogba.

In the photo, Drogba seemed to be sharing insights about the stage at the award venue with Rema.

Rema also shared a video on his Instagram stories, offering glimpses of his time on the streets of Paris, France, where the prestigious French football awards ceremony took place.

Chelsea football legend Didier Drogba, co-hosting the ceremony, posted a video on his official Instagram page while showcasing the coveted Ballon d’Or award.

He accompanied the video with the audio of Rema’s hit, ‘Calm Down’, and acknowledged Rema and his co-host, Sandy Heribert, in the caption.

This achievement adds to the list of accolades Rema has garnered in 2023, with his latest EP, ‘Ravage’, debuting on charts in over 50 countries within hours of its release on Friday, October 26, 2023.

News About Nigeria reports that Rema’s performance at the Ballon d’Or was not only a milestone for him but also for the entire Afrobeats genre, reflecting its global influence and recognition.