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Stop The Competition, Jealousy — Yul Edochie To Igbos



Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has called on his fellow Igbo people to stop the envy, jealousy and competition amongst themselves.

In a recent post via his social media page, he mentioned that jealousy and envy are prevalent among the Igbos.

According to the actor who is also of Igbo extraction from Anambra State, if any Igbo person is progressing in anything he does, his biggest hater would be a fellow Igbo person.

He further emphasised that, at times, even members of the same family might exhibit such jealousy.

He called on his fellow Igbo indigenes to change and do better, asking them to stop the envy and the competition.

“Too much jealousy and envy amongst Igbos. Why??

“If you’re doing well as an Igbo person, your biggest hater is your fellow Igbo person. Sometimes even your family members. Igbos we need to do better. Why?

“We’re great. Stop the envy. Stop the competition. Things change when we address them,” he said.

Earlier in September, News About Nigeria reported that the actor urged his fans and followers to stop taking advice from individuals on social media platforms.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Edochie highlighted that many of the people who position themselves as advisers on social media haven’t sorted out their own lives or resolved their family issues.

He emphasised the need for individuals to focus on their journeys and do what works best for them, rather than relying on unsolicited advice from online sources.

“Are you still listening to social media advisers? I laugh. 99.9% of the people advising you have not even figured out the direction of their own lives. They haven’t solved their family problems.

“Brother, sister, do you. Do what works for you. Focus on your journey.”