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Nigeria’s Situation Not Hopeless, Says Peter Obi



Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has said that Nigeria is not in a hopeless state, News About Nigeria reports.

Obi, who said this in a post on his X account in celebration of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence, noted that it is saddening that there is hardly any sector of the nation that commands celebration 63 years after Independence.

He added that the challenges the country is facing today are a result of bad leadership, noting that regardless of the “grave uncertainties and hardships the people are experiencing, the situation is still not hopeless.”

According to him, this is because Nigeria as a nation is blessed with both human and natural resources which are pivotal to the growth of any country.

Obi, therefore, encouraged Nigerians not to despair over the agonizing situation of the country, but to remain resolute and hopeful that a new Nigeria is possible with responsible leaders.

In his words: “Nigeria has the right combination of human and natural resources to achieve political, economic, and social growth, and be able to live true to its name as the giant of Africa. We only need to gain independence from the evils that have continued to hold us down as a nation if we want to move forward.

“From the vast fertile lands of Northern Nigeria to the commercial and industrial settlements of Southern Nigeria, we have the right combination of human and natural resources needed to move our nation forward and enable us to transition from a consumption economy to a production economy which will benefit every Nigerian, irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation. With ethical and responsible leadership, Nigeria will claim its position among the progressive nations of the world.”

The former Anambra governor also urged Nigerians to remain committed to the progress of the country, noting that, his struggle for a better and new Nigeria is to ensure that every Nigerian benefits from the nation while contributing productively towards national development.