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Police Worried Over Glamorisation Of Drug Use In Music Industry



The Lagos State Police Command has voiced its concerns about the glamorisation of drug use in the music industry, stating that it hampers their efforts to combat drug-related issues, News About Nigeria reports.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos Police Command, expressed these concerns during the 2023 Press Week Lecture/Symposium organised by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in partnership with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Hundeyin urged stakeholders, particularly older individuals, to assist in the fight against drug abuse.

He pointed out that the music industry often glorifies drug use, which can have a significant influence on young people. He stated that many superstars are involved in drug abuse, and this trend is problematic for law enforcement agencies.

The police spokesperson emphasised the link between substance abuse, particularly drug addiction among youths, and various crimes in society.

He noted that in 90 percent of the cases involving criminals arrested by the Lagos State Police Command, the culprits attributed their actions to drug use.

Hundeyin stressed that drug abuse not only leads to increased crime rates but also negatively impacts the future and health of Nigerian youths.

He mentioned that some musicians with health issues prefer to have a nurse treat them at home rather than going to a hospital because they are using drugs, which further highlights the problem of drug abuse in the entertainment industry.

In discussing the way forward, Hundeyin highlighted the role of the media and other stakeholders in exposing the dangers and ills of drug abuse in society. He also lamented that some elderly individuals, who should be moral custodians, have been arrested for selling illicit drugs.

The spokesperson urged the public to raise awareness about the negative consequences of drug use and emphasised the importance of tighter border controls to prevent the influx of illicit drugs into the country.

Hundeyin concluded by advising young people not to experiment with drugs, as drug use often leads to criminal activities, cultism, and incarceration.

He encouraged youths to resist peer pressure and make responsible choices, emphasising that staying away from drugs is essential for fulfilling their destinies and contributing to a safer society.