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Speaker Abbas Announces New Principal Officers for the 10th House of Representatives



House of Representatives

Speaker Abbas Tajudeen has unveiled the new principal officers for the 10th House of Representatives. This development comes as a significant milestone in the formation of the legislative body and sets the stage for the work ahead.

News About Nigeria gathered that the appointment of the principal officers took place during a session chaired by Speaker Abbas. The names were revealed to the House, marking a significant step forward in establishing the leadership structure.

Julius Ihonvbere, a seasoned member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) hailing from Edo State, has been entrusted with the prestigious position of House Majority Leader.

Halims Abdullahi, representing Kogi State and a fellow member of the APC, has been designated as the Deputy Majority Leader. Assuming the crucial role of Chief Whip is Bello Kumo, an esteemed member of the APC representing Gombe State.

Adewunmi Onanuga, a distinguished representative from Ogun State and a member of the APC party, has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Whip.

During the proceedings, Speaker Abbas also disclosed the contents of a letter from the Minority Caucus, which outlined the names of their principal officers. Kingsley Chinda, a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has been announced as the Minority Leader. Aliya Madaki, a member of the NNPP party, has assumed the position of Deputy Minority Leader.

The role of Minority Whip has been entrusted to Ali Isah, another distinguished member of the PDP. George Ebizimawo of the Labour Party has been designated as the Deputy Minority Whip.

With the unveiling of these principal officers, the 10th House of Representatives is now equipped with a strong leadership structure. These individuals, with their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, will be instrumental in shaping legislation and leading the House toward achieving its goals.

The House of Representatives now stands ready to embark on its legislative journey, addressing the pressing issues facing the nation and working collaboratively to enact meaningful change. The Nigerian people eagerly anticipate the outcomes that will emerge from this dynamic and influential group of principal officers.

The House of Representatives’ Principal Officers are as follows:

Majority Leadership

1. Julius Ihonvbere (APC, Edo State) – Majority Leader
2. Halims Abdullahi (APC, Kogi State) – Deputy Majority Leader.
3. Bello Kumo (APC, Gombe State) – Chief Whip
4. Adewunmi Onanuga (APC, Ogun State) – Deputy Chief Whip

Minority Leadership

1. Kingsley Chinda (PDP) – Minority Leader
2. Aliya Madaki (NNPP party) – Deputy Minority Leader
3. Ali Isah (PDP) – Minority Whip
4. George Ebizimawo (Labour Party) – Deputy Minority Whip