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President Buhari Reveals Safe Havens in Niger Republic and Chad Amid Handover Preparations



Muhammadu Buhari

In a significant revelation, President Muhammadu Buhari disclosed that he has identified safe havens in Niger Republic, Chad, and other neighboring nations as potential refuges in the event of any disturbances in Nigeria after his handover on May 29.

The President made this revelation during the official commissioning of the N19.6 billion Nigeria Customs Service Corporate headquarters in Abuja, News About Nigeria reports.

Highlighting the importance of establishing strong relationships with neighboring countries, President Buhari emphasized that one of the first actions he took upon assuming office as Nigeria’s President was to visit Niger Republic, Chad, and Cameroon.

These visits aimed to cement relationships and foster cooperation with the neighboring nations, ensuring mutual support and security.

Speaking at the event, President Buhari expressed his desire to be as far away from Abuja as possible after leaving office. He indicated that his hometown, Daura in Katsina State, would be his preferred settlement due to its distance from the capital and proximity to Niger Republic, a country with familial ties.

“I said if anybody with force moves, I have good relationship with my neighbors. Niger people will defend me,” President Buhari stated, underlining the importance of securing the confidence of neighboring nations to ensure personal and national security.

The President also touched upon the contentious issue of the border closure initiative. He clarified that the decision was aimed at curbing rice smuggling and protecting local farmers and the overall economy of Nigeria.

President Buhari’s first visits as President were strategically planned to strengthen ties with Niger Republic, Chad, and Cameroon, with the belief that harmonious relationships with neighboring countries are vital for stability and the prosperity of future generations.

“If you are not in trouble, your children and grandchildren will be in trouble,” President Buhari cautioned, emphasizing the importance of establishing and maintaining amicable relationships with neighboring nations.