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Father Rejects Son’s N38 Million Virtual Bet Winnings, Insists On Returning The Money



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In a surprising turn of events, a Nigerian father has made headlines for rejecting the substantial sum of money his 19-year-old son won through a virtual bet.

The young man, whose identity remains anonymous, reportedly emerged as a lucky winner of N38 million, causing a significant dilemma within their family.

News About Nigeria reports that the brother of the fortunate winner took to an anonymous messaging platform, NGL, to share the story.

According to the brother, their father vehemently opposes anything associated with gambling and has adamantly insisted that his son returns the entire amount to Sporty Bet, the platform through which he won.

The father’s staunch stance against gambling has caused considerable tension within their household.

While the son sees the winnings as a blessing, the father remains steadfast in his decision, concerned about the negative implications of accepting money derived from sports betting.

The situation has particularly upset the wife and mother of the family, who views the rejection of such a significant sum of money as a missed opportunity.

With their house rent due in a few months, the wife feels that the winnings could have alleviated their financial burdens.


He wrote; “My 19yr old kid bro won 38M with 450 naira and my dad is insisting he returns the money to sporty because he doesn’t support gambling despite explaining and showing him the slip, he’s still insisting. Our rent is due in two months, now it has caused issues between him and mum. Kindly advice.”

, Man reportedly tells 19-yr-old son to return N38m he won through sports betting

The father’s unwavering stance against gambling reflects his strong moral and personal beliefs.

However, it has created a divide within the family, raising questions about the handling of unexpected windfalls and differing perspectives on financial opportunities.