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Stepdad Withdraws Wedding Funding After Bride Asks Biological Father to Walk Her Down The Aisle Instead Of Him




A heartfelt request made by a bride-to-be has resulted in her stepfather discontinuing his financial support for her upcoming wedding.

News About Nigeria gathered that the African American man expressed his offense when his stepdaughter expressed her desire to be walked down the aisle by her biological father, as she wanted him to be a part of this significant moment in her life.

The stepfather, who had been actively involved in the bride’s life, was deeply hurt by her choice and made the decision to withdraw his financial contribution towards the wedding, which was scheduled to take place on August 8.

He explained that he had been supportive of her education, having paid for her college expenses and even gifted her a car upon graduation.

The stepfather expressed his disappointment, citing the biological father’s track record of making empty promises and failing to fulfill them.

He felt insulted that his stepdaughter would prefer her biological father to partake in such a meaningful role.

Consequently, he decided that he would no longer contribute to the wedding preparations if she did not feel honored enough by his presence at the church ceremony.

The man shared this emotional story in a viral TikTok video, shedding light on how this situation has affected the wedding plans.

In an unfortunate turn of events, the 20 individuals he had hoped the bride would invite did not receive wedding invitations, further exacerbating the tension surrounding the situation.

Watch him speak below: