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Adesanya Comes Hard On Ex-Girlfriend After Attempt To Claim Half Of His Wealth



Israel Adesanya

UFC middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya has come hard on his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell after she threatened a legal process to demand half of the fighter’s wealth for breaking up with her, News About Nigeria confirmed.

Adesanya who wrote on his Instagram feed spurned young Powdrell, saying she lacked the moral and legal grounds to make such demand of him, recalling she never helped him make money, but will always make demands.

The Nigerian born fighter claimed that contrary to opinions, Powdrell was the one who broke up with him after she grew jealous that he was outshining her.

“Mentally drain me… hahaha!! You are pathetic, even worse than when you said ‘well you’re gonna have to break up with me then.’ So you can be a victim just the way you like it.

“You have never helped me make money, only ever cost me money.” Now you think you deserve half my s**t? What an entitled pompous BRAT you are. I spit on you. I dare you to start your stupid campaign. Your threats don’t work here anymore, they’re fired!

“I am glad all this happened. I wouldn’t change a f**king thing. I’m glad I finally have someone who can stand next to me and not feel like my shine takes away from theirs, confident in her own light,” the statement read in part.

Meanwhile, Adesanya said that he does not hate her for what she has done, but has stopped caring about her, just like she did to him.

He dared Powdrell to continue with the court case as the post would be the last he would make as regards the issue.

“You are responsible for your emotions. You don’t care about my life cuz you’ve sold info about me, so I don’t care about yours. I don’t even hate you, I just don’t care about you. I’ve not been in love with you for a while.

“Any whore, sign the tenancy agreement ASAP. Also, I really hope you lawyer up and come for my assets like you said. I hope you try to affect my businesses such as Puma with your weak b***h threats.

“Please please do so, let’s pay for it all, you have a sugar daddy now who will pay for everything. For someone who moves in silence, he sure does talk a lot about you guy’s plans lol.

“This will be the last time you are hearing from me. My lawyers will be in touch. Bye Stylebender’s ex,” Adesanya concluded.