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Amir Khan Thanks Wife For Forgiving Him Amidst Cheating Scandals



British boxer, Amir Khan, has openly praised his wife Faryal Makhdoom, for her forgiveness and support in the midst of several cheating scandals that have affected their relationship, News About Nigeria reports.

Last month, Amir Khan found himself in the spotlight when a former BBC presenter accused him of making inappropriate advances toward her after they appeared at an event together. This incident was just one in a series of controversies involving Khan’s alleged infidelity.

Speaking about his wife who he has been married to for 10 years, Khan expressed his gratitude, stating, “Ah, she’s brilliant, yeah, she’s good… Well, she is the big boss.”

He opened up about the challenges their relationship has faced, admitting that he always does silly things, and usually get caught each time.”I always get told off because I do silly things, and I got caught doing silly things, and obviously, I’m human at the end of it.”

Despite his wrongdoings, Khan acknowledged his wife’s forgiving nature, recognizing that continuous pushing of boundaries can test any relationship.

He appreciates her love, care, and the tremendous effort she puts into their life behind the scenes. He revealed that Faryal handles various administrative responsibilities, from organizing training camps to managing contracts, lawyers, and accountants. This support allows Amir to focus on his career without the added stress of household matters.

Recent, there were also reports of his relationship with a model named Sumaira. Despite these issues, the boxer remains appreciative of his wife’s role as a strong backbone in their relationship.