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Edo State Governor Obaseki Announces Major Overhaul of Cabinet, Sacks Over 200 Aides



Godwin Obaseki

In a bold move that has taken many by surprise, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has announced a major cabinet shake-up that saw over 200 of his aides, including commissioners, being sacked.

The move, which was announced by the Special Adviser, Media Projects to the Governor, Crusoe Osagie, has taken immediate effect and has affected all Special Assistants (SAs) and Senior Special Assistants (SSAs).

News About Nigeria understands that the decision to dissolve the state’s cabinet was made during the weekly executive council meeting on Wednesday, May 3.

While many may see this as a drastic measure, Governor Obaseki expressed his appreciation to members of the council for their service to the government and the people of the State.

It is not yet clear what prompted this move, but it is evident that Governor Obaseki is committed to making the necessary changes to improve governance in Edo State. This decision is a clear indication that he is not afraid to take bold steps to achieve his goals.

Governor Obaseki was elected in 2020 after a keenly contested election, and his administration has been focused on implementing policies and programs that will drive development in the state. This move is likely to be seen as a step towards consolidating his vision for Edo State.

It is hoped that the Governor’s decision will help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of his administration, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for the people of Edo State.

As the state continues to grapple with various challenges, it is important that leaders are able to take decisive action to address these issues. Governor Obaseki’s move is a clear indication that he is up to the task.