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AY Responds To Julius Agwu’s Accusation of Bewitching Him



AY Makun

News About Nigeria gathered that Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, has responded after his colleague, Julius Agwu, accused him of hanging up during a phone conversation.

This comes amid a recent feud between AY and fellow comedian Basketmouth, over a payment dispute.

Julius Agwu recalled during a recent interview how AY had allegedly cut the call on him when he asked why AY was planning a show on the same day he usually anchors his comedy show, “Laugh for Christ sake,” which falls on Easter Sunday.

Agwu claimed that AY’s decision to plan a show on the same day as his long-standing event was disrespectful.

‘’Laugh for Christ sake was every Easter Sunday before AY began to do promo saying he was doing one show. I called AY telling him that day is my day, he cut the call on my neck“, Julius said

In response, AY denied the accusation and took to social media to share screenshots of the dates on which he held his shows and the dates on which Julius Agwu held his.

AY also shared photos of his family hanging out with Julius Agwu’s family, and revealed that they had attended each other’s shows in the past.

He wrote;

”The truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all the lies in a place where the INTERNET NEVER FORGETS.

‘’Dear senior colleague Julius Agwu, my question is, how is it even possible to lay claims to the fact that I took over your Easter Sunday date with the following verifiable facts….

Vowing to file a lawsuit against Agwu if he continues with the claim without proof, he wrote;

”Should this continue without any proof to your claims of me bewitching you, I will be filing a slanderous lawsuit against you for consistently trying to damage my reputation.”Finally, Projecting Peace across boards doesn’t make me a weakling. Neither am I seeking any form of unnecessary friendship that is laced with negativity.’’
Watch the video below

The accusations and counter-accusations between AY, Julius Agwu, and Basketmouth have sparked discussions among fans and followers of the Nigerian comedy scene.

Many have expressed their opinions on social media, with some supporting AY’s claims and others expressing disappointment over the public feud among comedians who were once seen as close colleagues.