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Borussia Dortmund Star Karim Adeyemi Credits Nigerian Dish for His Remarkable Pace



Karim Adeyemi

Borussia Dortmund’s winger Karim Adeyemi is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, thanks to his exceptional speed and agility. The 21-year-old has now revealed the secret to his remarkable pace, and it might surprise you.

In a post-match interview after a game against Chelsea, Adeyemi disclosed that his love for Nigerian food, specifically Fufu, is the reason he can outrun most of his opponents. “I eat a lot of African food! It’s called Fufu, and it’s a Nigerian food which is very good. I also have good genetics from my dad!” Adeyemi said.

While some may attribute his exceptional pace to genetics, Adeyemi is convinced that his love for Fufu is the secret behind his success. Fufu is a starchy dish made from cassava or yams and is popular in West and Central African countries. It is usually served with soup or stew and is a staple in many households.

Adeyemi’s love for Fufu might be the reason he has been in top form for Borussia Dortmund since joining the team from RB Salzburg in July 2022. The German side paid €38 million for his services, and he has already scored five goals in 23 appearances.

In the game against Chelsea, Adeyemi scored the only goal, showcasing his speed and agility as he took on the Blues’ defense in a solo run, News About Nigeria reports. With this win, Dortmund carries a single-goal advantage to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the 7th of March.

Adeyemi’s love for Nigerian food is a testament to the power of culture in shaping our preferences and choices. While his story might seem unique, it highlights the beauty of diversity and the role that food plays in shaping our identity.