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Twitter Personality Ayo Released Following Arrest By Toyin Abraham



Twitter Personality Ayo Released Following Arrest By Toyin Abraham

Twitter personality Ayo has been released by the police following his arrest, which was allegedly orchestrated by Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham.

The news broke on social media this evening, with fellow Twitter influencer Abazz announcing Ayo’s release on his X page, expressing gratitude to everyone who advocated for his freedom.

“Big Ayo is free. Thank you everyone ??❤️,” Abazz wrote.

The controversy began when an X user, known as El Jefe, accused Abraham of initiating the arrest of his mother.

El Jefe claimed that Abraham had the police track his details through his phone number, leading them to his family’s residence.

The police subsequently traced El Jefe’s mother’s shop in Egbeda and detained the elderly woman along with her daughter.

El Jefe, who was not present during the arrest, sought help from his friend Ayo, who he believed was Abraham’s primary target.

Ayo (@47kasz) had previously engaged in a heated exchange with Abraham on June 3, 2024, responding to an insult where Abraham cursed him with the words “e no go better for you.”

Upon Ayo’s arrival at the scene, he was detained, while El Jefe’s mother and sister were released.

Despite vehemently denying the allegations, Abraham has faced a severe backlash online, with many labelling her a bully.

The incident quickly gained traction, prompting calls for Netflix to remove her movies from its platform.

Vincent Martins Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan (VDM), was particularly vocal in his criticism of Abraham’s alleged actions.

In an Instagram video, he condemned her, stating, “If the reason you arrested the guy is this, to be honest, you have no shame, no class; this is a disgrace. The truth is that being a celebrity comes with a lot. Do you think because you are a celebrity, everyone will celebrate you? Not everyone will celebrate you.”

VDM further accused Abraham of abusing her power, likening her actions to those of oppressors.

“You have started to learn oppressive moves from politicians and those big men; it’s an oppressive move, an abuse of power and influence,” he said. He urged Abraham to release the detained individual, calling her actions an embarrassment to her brand. “Madam, please stop disgracing yourself; this is an embarrassment to your brand. Go and release that guy.”

In his caption, VDM elaborated, “@toyin_abraham as a celebrity you should know things like this will always happen. Instead of disgracing yourself like this, there are a lot of approaches. Have some class, and tomorrow you want people to watch your film??? Madam, release the boy if you are responsible; his mother is crying at the station.”