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Police To Participate In Recruitment Process – IG



IGP Raises Concern Over Establishment Of State Police 

The Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, has announced that the Police Force will participate actively in the recruitment of officers through the Police Service Commission (PSC), News About Nigeria reports. 

He stated this during a meeting with commanders in Abuja, on Thursday, maintaining that there is no conflict between the police and the Police Service Commission over the recently-concluded recruitment exercise.

Recall that the Police, in a statement issued by the Force Spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, on Saturday, rejected the list of successful candidates released by the commission, adding that it was marred by corruption and other irregularities.

In response, the Joint Union Congress of the Police Service Commission chairman, Adoyi Adoyi, on the same day, denied the allegations and accused the police of a failed attempt to smuggle names into the list released by the commission.

However, during the meeting on Thursday, Egbetokun noted that while the Supreme Court gave the PSC the power to recruit, it did not order the exclusion of the force from the process.

According to him, it is expected that while the commission recruits into the police force, the police will be carried along.

“The wise men sitting at the Supreme Court, while ruling on the controversial and questionable issue surrounding police recruitment, gave the final authority to the police to the Police Service Commission. There is no problem with that.

“The judgment of the Supreme Court is sound, clear, and unambiguous. The issue lies elsewhere. The Supreme Court in its wisdom, recognising that the police is the end user of this recruitment, did not exclude the police from participating in the recruitment exercise into the police force.

“So it is expected that while recruiting into the police force by the commission, the police will be carried along,” he stated.