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Paralyzed Nollywood Actor Cries For Help



Well-meaning Nigerians have been urged to assist veteran Nollywood actor Ameachi Muonago, who is fighting for his life after suffering a stroke.

The seasoned actor said that he has been afflicted with the illness for the previous seven months in a video that has since gone viral.

News About Nigeria reports that in addition to being unable to urinate and move independently due to the illness, Muonago said that half of his body was paralyzed.

“I am sick, this thing that is called stroke caught up with me, I wasn’t driving so from there they rushed me to the hospital, the first hospital was Nnewi where i spent some two months and I was referred to teaching hospital here in Nnewi and here i am. I was to enter my car when i was struck with this problem and since then it is getting worse. Right now i cannot poo, I cannot walk on my own, half of my leg everything is paralyzed so its a problem to pee,” Munoago in the viral video said.

The latest development comes a few days after comic actor Johnk Okafor, popular known as Mr Ibu made public situations surrounding his strange ailment.

Nigerians have been coming together to support the veteran’s treatment while he has been in the hospital for a few weeks.

This came after he made an impassioned plea for assistance on what he called a “strange and dangerous illness.” According to his doctor, the 62-year-old actor made a suggestion that his leg might be removed.