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NNPP Praises Governor Yusuf’s First Year, Pledges 5 Million Votes For 2027



Kano Govt Bans Public Demonstrations, Orders Security Forces to Arrest Protesters

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has lauded Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s administration in Kano State, declaring that his one year in office has surpassed the achievements of the eight years under the APC-led government of Abdullahi Ganduje, News About Nigeria reports.

Speaking at a press conference to mark Governor Yusuf’s first year in office, NNPP State Chairman Hashimu Sulaiman Dungurawa pointed out the governor’s accomplishments in various sectors, including the economy, education, health, and infrastructure.

Dungurawa said that these achievements have demonstrated that Kano State is fortunate to have Yusuf as its governor.

He further announced that the party plans to secure an additional 5 million votes for Yusuf in the 2027 elections to ensure his re-election.

Dungurawa stated that the governor is dedicated to human development, noting a recent initiative where 5,200 women across the state’s 44 local government areas received N50,000 each. 

He said that this empowerment programme will continue monthly throughout Yusuf’s tenure.

The NNPP Chairman also criticised the previous administration of Abdullahi Ganduje, describing his eight years in office as “messy” and damaging to Kano’s reputation.

He cited allegations of corruption, including a widely publicised video showing Ganduje allegedly accepting bribes.

“Let me tell you people of Kano were sick and tired of Ganduje, that is why they massively voted against his anointed candidate.

“Kano people never enjoyed Ganduje’s administration, that is why they did not vote for his party,” Dungurawa said.

Looking ahead, Dungurawa assured Kano residents that Yusuf’s initial achievements are just the beginning, promising that more projects will be executed for the betterment of the state.

He also called on women and youth to continue supporting the NNPP and to vote for the party’s national leader, Rabi’u Kwankwaso, in the presidential election.