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How I Rejected N3 Million To Implicate Mohbad’s Wife In Singer’s Death — Uche Maduagwu



Nigerian actor Uche Maduagwu has made a revelation, stating that he was offered a substantial sum of money to spread false information regarding the role of Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, in the late singer’s death and to promote a narrative about her son undergoing a DNA test.

News About Nigeria reports that Maduagwu alleged that a group of individuals approached him on September 15 and offered him N3 million in exchange for pushing a fabricated story implicating Mohbad’s wife in the singer’s demise.

He said that refused the offer, asserting that he was not a friend of the late Mohbad or a family member, making it inappropriate for him to level accusations against the wife.

Maduagwu also expressed certainty that the same group of people has approached other online personalities with similar requests to propagate the false narrative that Mohbad’s wife is the prime suspect and should undergo a DNA test for her son.

“I was offered N3 million in Lekki exactly on the 15th of September. The person who approached me asked me to twist the story on social media. I should say Mohbad’s wife is the number one suspect.

“They said I should ask them to conduct DNA on Mohbad’s son. I said to myself, I’m not Mohbad’s family, father or best friend.

“I’m hungry and I need money but I said to myself that I won’t do it because no one knows tomorrow. If I see the picture of the person who approached me, I will recognise it.

“Now they are trying to twist the narrative, and I saw it. So, this is what they came to meet me for. Apparently, they’ve gone to meet other people,” he said.