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If My Boyfriend’s Mother Is Sweeping, I Won’t Take The Broom From Her – Nigerian Podcaster Spills



Boyfriend mother sweeping

A Nigerian lady has sparked a debate after expressing her stance on a cultural practice regarding sweeping in her boyfriend’s family house.

In a podcast discussion, she stated that if her boyfriend takes her to his family house for the first time and she sees his mother sweeping, she would not take the broom from her.

News About Nigeria gathered that the young woman argued that it is the intention behind the act that matters to her. She believes that if a man is introducing his girlfriend to his mother, it is expected that they would have already swept the house before her arrival. As a girlfriend, she feels that she should not be put in the position of taking over the chore.

She further explained that if the mother started sweeping before they walked in, she would understand, but she would not take over the task if it began after their arrival.

However, other participants in the podcast disagreed with her viewpoint. They emphasized that regardless of the circumstances, taking the broom from the woman and continuing the chore is a sign of respect and good upbringing.


Watch the video below;

The discussion highlighted differing perspectives on cultural practices and their interpretations.

While the young woman focused on her role as a girlfriend and the expectations placed upon her, others emphasized the significance of demonstrating respect and courtesy, regardless of one’s relationship status.

The debate sparked a conversation on social norms and the varied ways individuals perceive and navigate cultural traditions.

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