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Caroline Danjuma Reveals Affection For Ex-Husband, Hints At Reconciliation



Caroline Danjuma Ex Husband

Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma has made surprising revelations about her relationship with her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma, expressing her affection for him and stating that their divorce is merely a legal formality.

News About Nigeria reports that in a recent interview, Caroline referred to Musa as the “love of her life” and shared that she wouldn’t mind reconciling with him.

Caroline further disclosed that despite their divorce, she still bears Musa’s surname, Danjuma, outside of social media.

She clarified that her decision to change her name to Hutchins on social media was to prevent any further negative publicity that could tarnish Musa’s name.

Contrary to expectations, Caroline expressed that she and Musa still hold a positive regard for each other and maintain an amicable relationship.

She even mentioned missing him greatly.

“I still bear the name Danjuma. We still like each other, he’s the love of my life. Divorce is just a paper,” she said.

In the interview, the actress also stated that she’s considering either remarrying or rekindling things with her ex-husband Musa Danjuma.

“Yes, I would love to go back to my ex-husband,” she said.

These candid comments about their relationship have come as a surprise to fans who may have anticipated bitterness following their divorce.

Caroline’s recent remarks echo sentiments she previously shared in December, where she publicly expressed her love for Musa on social media, indicating that their relationship might not be completely over.

The actress’s openness about her ongoing connection with Musa Danjuma has intrigued fans and sparked conversations about the complexities of relationships and divorce.