‘What Would Jay Z Think’ — Charles Okocha’s Hilarious Reaction To Daughter Drinking Garri



Nollywood actor Charles Okocha has been causing a stir on social media with his recent video of his daughter drinking garri.

News about Nigeria gathered that Okocha’s daughter was seen enjoying a bowl of garri, a popular West African meal made from cassava.

In the video, Okocha was expressing disappointment and lamented bitterly that his daughter’s choice of food reflects poorly on him as a brand.

The daughter who was enjoying the delicacy with peanuts, made her father explained that she should be eating expensive food instead.

He queried how international singers like Jay-Z would perceive him if the video of his daughter drinking garri goes viral.

However, throughout the video, Okocha’s daughter seems unfazed by her father’s comedic antics, just enjoying her bowl of garri and peanuts while sitting on the couch, showcasing a reflection of her upbringing and cultural heritage.

Okocha is known for his humorous antics and love for his daughter, and this latest video has only further endeared him to his fan

Netizens have been left in stitches by Okocha’s hilarious reaction to his daughter’s choice of food, with many praising the little girl for being down-to-earth and not affected by her father’s celebrity status.

The fact that Okocha is concerned about how his daughter’s food choice reflects on him as a brand is indicative of the pressure that celebrities often face to maintain a certain image in the public eye.

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