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Lagos State Imposes Ban on Trucks at Dorman Long and Ojuelegba Bridges



Truck Ojuelegba

In a recent move to prevent road accidents and casualties, the Lagos State Government has imposed a ban on articulated truck drivers from using the Dorman Long and Ojuelegba bridges, News About Nigeria reports.

The directive was announced by the Special Adviser on Transportation to the Governor, Sola Giwa, in a letter addressed to the General Manager of the Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA). The letter, which was dated February 6, 2023, emphasized the importance of restricting the movement of articulated vehicles on these bridges to ensure the safety of citizens.

The government’s decision was made after several road accidents involving articulated vehicles resulted in the loss of lives and property. In one recent tragedy, a container-laden truck fell from the Ojuelegba bridge and crushed a commercial bus, leading to the loss of nine lives and several others being injured. The rising curve of the bridge was noted as not being suitable for the passage of large and heavy vehicles.

In response to these incidents, the Lagos State Government has directed LASTMA to apprehend articulated trucks that continue to use the Dorman Long and Ojuelegba bridges. The trucks are now required to use the State Logistics routes (Oshodi-Apapa Expressway) and link to Ikorodu Road and Agege Motor Road instead.

News About Nigeria understands that the ban on articulated trucks at these bridges aims to reduce the number of avoidable accidents caused by heavy-duty and articulated trucks. The state government is taking this step to ensure the safety and security of all citizens in the state. The announcement was shared by LASTMA on their Twitter handle, highlighting the government’s commitment to road safety.

The ban on articulated trucks at the Dorman Long and Ojuelegba bridges is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of citizens and reducing the number of road accidents in Lagos State. The government’s decision is commendable and a demonstration of its commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens.