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NBA Demands Investigation Of Osun Speaker For Obstruction Of Court Judgement



NBA Demands Investigation Of Osun Speaker For Obstruction Of Court Judgement

The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Osogbo Branch, has formally requested that the state Commissioner of Police, Umar Abba, investigate and prosecute the Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, Wale Egbedun, for allegedly obstructing the execution of a court judgement.

Lawyer Muideen Adesina has accused Egbedun of overseeing an assault on him during the execution of a court order in Osogbo.

The NBA, in a letter dated July 5, 2024, signed by Chairman Yemi Abiona and Secretary Ibrahim Hassan, demanded Egbedun’s arrest and prosecution for his actions.

The association noted that Adesina represents the Gbaemu Royal family of Osogbo in the case PRINCE OLALEKAN SALAMI Vs THE EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR, OSUN STATE & ORS, in which a judgement was delivered in 2022.

The NBA claimed that the judgement creditors, including the Governor of Osun State, had refused to comply with the court’s decision, necessitating the legal practitioners’ execution of the judgement.

During this process, Egbedun allegedly obstructed the execution and, according to the NBA, signalled his aides to assault Adesina.

The NBA’s letter described Egbedun’s actions as tantamount to waging war against the judiciary, an offense under Section 37 (2) of the Criminal Code, Cap 2, Laws of Osun State, and an abuse of office under Section 104 of the Criminal Code.

The association said that Egbedun, as a public servant, is constitutionally obligated to ensure the enforcement of court judgements.

The NBA urged the police to investigate the incident thoroughly and prosecute those responsible.

They concluded, “Hon. Egbedun must be held accountable for his actions on July 5, 2024, and face appropriate legal consequences.”

Adesina reported that on the morning of the incident, he was accompanied by police officers and a court bailiff to enforce a court order at Government Technical College, Osogbo, which mandated the eviction of certain individuals from a piece of land.

Egbedun reportedly arrived at the scene in response to a call from those affected and intervened to stop the execution.

According to Adesina, as he was explaining the court’s directive to Egbedun, the Speaker became enraged, and people at the scene, along with Egbedun’s security aides, physically assaulted him.

Adesina was subsequently removed from the scene by a Department of State Security operative in Egbedun’s convoy, who claimed he was saving Adesina from further harm.

However, Tiamiyu Olamide, Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, disputed these claims, stating that Egbedun did not order the assault.

Olamide explained that Egbedun’s security aide had actually rescued Adesina from an attacking mob.

He added that Egbedun had gone to the location after receiving reports of forced evictions and had spoken with the police on duty before they withdrew from the scene.