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Mr Jollof Slams Osimhen, Claims Footballer Blocked Him On Instagram



Mr Jollof Slams Osimhen, Claims Footballer Blocked Him On Instagram

Nigerian comedian and skitmaker Freedom Atsepoyi, popularly known as Mr Jollof, has publicly criticized Nigerian professional football player Victor Osimhen. ​

Mr Jollof revealed on his Instagram page that Osimhen blocked him after he reprimanded the footballer for insulting former Super Eagles coach Finidi George.

In an Instagram video, Mr Jollof called Osimhen a “one-season wonder” and demanded that he apologise to Finidi George.

Mr Jollof added that he is 12 years older than Osimhen.

“I only corrected you for insulting Finidi George, and you blocked me. Go and apologise to the coach you insulted; I’m older than you by 12 years,” Mr Jollof stated.

He added, “I don’t support anyone who acts crazy.”

Weeks ago, the star striker of the Super Eagles and Napoli accused former Super Eagles head coach Finidi George of disrespect and dishonesty following comments made by Finidi about Osimhen’s commitment to the national team.

The conflict arose after Osimhen missed Nigeria’s crucial World Cup qualifiers due to an injury, prompting Finidi to suggest that Osimhen could have managed to play despite his condition.

In a social media live stream, Osimhen vehemently defended himself, recounting how he had undergone an MRI scan that revealed a medical issue, which he immediately communicated to Finidi.

“I was informed by the doctor of a certain situation,” Osimhen said. “I called Coach Finidi George to inform him of the development and even suggested I come and be with the players in camp, but he asked me to stay with my family.”

Osimhen expressed shock and disappointment at Finidi’s public comments, in which the coach insinuated that the player could have managed to play despite his condition.

Osimhen described Finidi’s comments as disrespectful and untrue, telling his followers, “It’s a lie and it’s disrespectful. I was injured and followed protocol by informing the coach. For him to turn around and say this is unacceptable.”