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It’s Not Your Responsibility To Pay For Transformers, Cables, Others; NERC Tells Nigerians



It's Not Your Responsibility To Pay For Transformers, Cables, Others; NERC Tells Nigerians

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has warned Nigerians against paying for electricity distribution infrastructure such as transformers, cables, or poles, News About Nigeria reports.

On Tuesday, the commission clarified that the purchase of such infrastructure is not the general public’s responsibility but that of the distribution companies.

Speaking in a statement shared alongside a video on its official X account, NERC said that consumers should not be coerced into purchasing transformers, cables, or poles.

According to NERC, this responsibility lies squarely with the distribution companies.

The Commission also explained that the Public Service Announcement (PSA) is to ensure that consumers know their rights and are able to act accordingly and also report offenders when necessary.

NERC, therefore, charged the general public to report any coercion to buy necessary materials by the distribution companies, assuring that prompt action would be taken upon receiving such complaints.

The Commission further noted that any form of delay on the part of the distribution companies to provide the needed materials should also be reported.

The statement reads, “Is your distribution company expecting you to buy transformers, cables, or poles? Don’t! It is the DisCo’s obligation, not yours!. Report any coercion to purchase, or delays in providing these materials to NERC for prompt action.”

The Regulatory Commission further gave out the official email and number to contact for such complaint.

“A dedicated email and phone number have been set up to address issues relating to investments in the network as follows: 07074865354,” the statement added.