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Mikel Obi Opens Up On Undergoing Surgery In UK



Mikel Obi Opens Up On Undergoing Surgery In UK

On Saturday, former Super Eagles captain John Mikel Obi disclosed that he recently underwent surgery in the UK.

He made the revelation in a post shared on his Instagram story.

In the post, the former captain of the Nigerian team disclosed that the operation was carried out at the Princess Grace Hospital in the UK.

However, Mikel Obi did not disclose the nature of the surgery.

Sharing a picture before the surgery, he wrote, “Pre-op, let’s go.”

Mikel Obi captioned another image of him lying on the bed post-surgery and captioned it, “All good, #PostOp.”

News About Nigeria reports that this is not the first time the football star has undergone surgery, as he had a successful surgery on his hip in the United Kingdom in 2017.

His revelation about his surgery has been getting so many reactions from Nigerians, with many wishing him a quick recovery.

Reacting to this on X, @OneJoblessBoy wrote, “Mikel Obi just underwent a medical operation. Get well soon.”

Another X user, @afrisagacity also wrote, “Mikel Obi underwent a medical operation and he’s not getting the “get well soon” love from many Nigerians. Where and how did it go wrong? Why the cold love for the Obi who was once endeared to Nigerian football lovers?”

Also, another X user, @sales_unwana said, “Mikel Obi undergoing surgery abroad highlights the disparities in healthcare access between wealthy athletes and ordinary citizens in Nigeria. While it’s good news for him personally, it also raises questions about the adequacy of healthcare facilities back home and the unequal distribution of resources in the country.”