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Congratulations In Order As Aremu Afolayan Gifts Woli Arole Brand New SUV



Congratulations In Order As Aremu Afolayan Gifts Woli Arole Brand New SUV

Congratulations are in order after Nigerian actor Aremu Afolayan gifted comedian and prophet Bayegun Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Woli Arole, a sleek SUV, News About Nigeria reports.

On his Instagram page, Afolayan shared a video of himself giving Woli the brand-new Audi Q7 SUV.

Speaking on the reason why he gave him the gift, Afolayan noted that he distributes gifts to people out of the goodness of his heart without any conditions.

He also told the prophet that he needed to pray for new customers for his business.

On his part, Woli has taken to his Instagram page to appreciate the actor’s kindness.

He further called on his fans and followers to help him appreciate the kindness of the actor while praying that his business would never go down but would continue to grow.

The prophet also urged those who want to have the same experience of miracles and blessings to congratulate him as their own is on the way.

He wrote, “What started as a joke has become a reality. How can I say thank you to @aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil. He gave me an SUV car. An Audi Q7. Aremu, I am absolutely grateful Egbon. This looks like a dream though. Aremu, you’re such a giver. I am a beneficiary of this. Thank you Egbon. Your company @horsepower_autos won’t go down. Can somebody say thank you to @aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil. Someone is seeing this, you will receive unexpected miracles. Congratulate me ooo, as you do, God will surprise you as well.”

Reacting to this, an Instagram user, @christianaboluwade said, “Aremu God bless you.”

Another IG user, @iamiloti, “I just love you anyways have always loved you from the days of ziggies, may God bless you.”

Also, @debolalovelabo wrote, “The Lord has done it finally,finally, finally.”

Another IG user, @christianaboluwade also said, “Congratulations MOG @officialarole.”

@abimbola_abekeade wrote, “Such a nice and kind hearted person @aremumimostwantedlikecrudeoil.”