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Alex Timileyi: Primate Ndukuba Visits Ajayi Crowther University

This visit comes after a 200-level engineering student, Alex Timileyi, was beaten to death by fellow Ajayi Crowther students over allegations of mobile phone theft



Alex Timileyi: Primate Ndukuba Visits Ajayi Crowther University

In a show of solidarity and support, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, visited Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) in Oyo following the recent death of a student on campus, News About Nigeria reports.

This visit comes after a 200-level engineering student, Alex Timileyi, was beaten to death by fellow students over allegations of mobile phone theft.

The unfortunate incident, which took place in the Shepherd Inn hostel in May, has prompted a response from the university and its affiliated church.

Media Assistant Sunday Saanu, who is currently on sabbatical at ACU, provided updates on the situation.

The Primate was accompanied by Most Rev. Joseph Akinfenwa, the university’s visitor, Rt. Rev. Williams Aladekugbe, the House of Bishops’ Secretary, and Dr. Olutoyin Okeowo, the Pro-Chancellor and Council Chairman, among others.

Addressing the ACU community, Primate Ndukuba expressed his sorrow over the incident and reassured students, parents, and staff of divine intervention against malevolent forces targeting the institution.

“The plan of the devil was to completely destroy the university we have been labouring to build in the last 17 years with a good reputation, were it not for God who checkmated the level of the disaster,” Ndukuba stated.

Ndukuba said that the university would emerge stronger from this adversity, noting that management is implementing measures to prevent future incidents. 

“The security of the students is going to be given more attention. One thing is certain, affliction shall not arise again,” he assured.

Commending the university management for their handling of the situation, Ndukuba acknowledged the shock felt by all ACU stakeholders.

“This is an academic environment where such things were not expected to happen,” he remarked.

During his visit to the Shepherd Inn hostel, Primate Ndukuba advised students to be vigilant and report unusual occurrences to authorities rather than turning to social media.

“Instead of posting your observations or grievances on social media, report to the school management, where there will be solutions. Social media will not offer any solution; rather, it will continue to soil our image,” he cautioned.

The Primate also prayed for the students and staff, assuring them that the Church of Nigeria would continue to support ACU.

He praised the university’s track record and stated that it is important to safeguard its reputation. 

Earlier, Dr. Okeowo, the Pro-Chancellor, briefed the Primate on recent troubling incidents, including rape and the death of a student over alleged phone theft, which have involved police investigations.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Timothy Adebayo, was represented by his Deputy, Prof. Benjamin Popoola, along with other key university officials during the Primate’s visit.