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Congratulations In Order As Obi Cubana, Wife Celebrates 16th Wedding Anniversary



Congratulations In Order As Obi Cubana, Wife Celebrates 16th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations are in order as popular Nigerian billionaire businessman and socialite Obi Cubana and his wife, Ebele, popularly known as Lush Eby, are celebrating their 16-year wedding anniversary.

News About Nigeria reports that in celebration of their wedding anniversary, the couple took to social media platforms to celebrate the milestone they have covered as lovers and parents.

They also serenaded each other with words of affection, love, and appreciation, showing how much love they had enjoyed over the years.

In a post on his Instagram account, Cubana wrote, “Nwunye Odogwu; Our friendship goals makes the journey of 16yrs look like 16 days! Each new day brings new exciting reasons to love you more. Our love, built on God, friendship, trust, respect and understanding is made in heaven! And on this day, I want to reassure you my baby, of my forever love for you! Thank you for making marriage so sweet and beautiful. I’ll marry you over and over again if there’s anything like next life! Happy 16th wedding anniversary @lush_eby. omalicha nwunye m.”

Lush Eby on her part, also showered her husband with words of accolades on her verified Instagram account.

Her post partly reads, “Obi m! My Sucrè! My Shuga Zaddy! My Gift from above! My Home! My bestie of Ndu! 16 years ago, we embarked on this incredible journey together. Today, as I reflect on the many moments we’ve shared, I am reminded of just how blessed I am to have you as my partner. 16 years is a significant milestone. It’s a testament to our commitment, our resilience, and our deep unwavering love for each other. We’ve laughed, cried, and grown together in ways I never could have imagined. Each year brought its own challenges and triumphs but through it all, we’ve remained united.

“Looking back, I’m in awe of how much we’ve accomplished as a team. Words are not enough to express how I feel. We’ve built a life together that is rich with memories and experiences. I want to take this moment to acknowledge the incredible man that you are. Your kindness, patience, and unwavering support have been the pillars of our marriage. One thing I admire most about you is your intentionality! i call you mr. intentional. You’ve always been proactive in nurturing our relationship, ensuring that we never take each other for granted.”