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Tinubu Has Fulfilled His Campaign Promise – Peter Obi



Peter Obi Addresses Exodus of Multinational Companies from Nigeria

Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), has expressed his dismay over the economic crisis gripping the nation

News About Nigeria reports that during an appearance on Arise TV, Obi criticised the current state of affairs, highlighting the need for urgent action.

Obi pointed out that President Bola Tinubu has indeed fulfilled his campaign promises, albeit in a manner that has exacerbated the country’s economic woes.

According to Obi, Tinubu had consistently pledged during his campaign to continue the policies of his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

Obi’s remarks suggest that the country’s economic crisis is a direct result of the current administration’s policies, which have only served to perpetuate the problems inherited from the previous government.

His comments have sparked concerns about the nation’s economic trajectory and the need for a drastic change in direction.

He maintained that he would score Tinubu an excellent pass mark for living up to his promise.

According to him, ‘’President Tinubu has kept to his campaign promises. Throughout the campaigns, he consistently maintained that he would continue from where Buhari stopped and he has done very well.

“I will give him an excellent pass mark. Dollar was N460, it is now N1500. Fuel was N238, it is now about N700. Diesel was N844, it is now N1415. A bag of rice was 40 to 35 thousand, it is now about 80, 000. A bag of beans was similar, it is now about 90, 000. Garri was 27-28, it is now 49 to 50,000. A tuber of yam was about 2700 to 3000, now it is about 10, 000.

“Tomato basket was about 40, 000; now it is about 150, 000. Electricity was N66 per kilowatt; now it is about N200.

“You can go on and on. Our debts! Even bread, which is the basic thing other countries are subsidising, like Egypt . Small bread, which was N450 is now N900. The big one, that was N900 is now N1500.

“Everything has headed south, Adherence to the rule of law has worsened. Nepotism is at the highest.’’