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Ensure Nigerians Enjoy The Dividends Of Democracy – Bode George To Tinubu



Ensure Nigerians Enjoy The Dividends Of Democracy - Bode George To Tinubu

On Wednesday, Chief Bode George, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), tasked President Bola Tinubu with ensuring that Nigerians get to enjoy the dividends of democracy, News About Nigeria reports.

He further noted that there is no longer any excuse for the President to justify his failure to address the current economic hardship bedevilling the nation after spending one year in office.

The PDP chieftain also noted that though he had earlier told Nigerians not to blame the president for the current economic mayhem because he was new on the job, the time of tolerance for any excuse has elapsed.

George said this in commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day celebration, which was marked today (Wednesday, June 12, 2024).

He said, “I told people, I said don’t start firing Bola (President Tinubu) for now because he has just completed one year. He had never served there before. So, give him that one year, that is, May 2023 to May 2024. But it’s over; he cannot pretend now that he doesn’t know the situation on the ground. What are we celebrating? There is hunger in the land, and there is anger in the land. Mr. President, from today that he is celebrating democracy day let the people feel the actual impact of democracy.

“We are drowning in the last nine years. From now on, going forward, Bola (President Tinubu) would have no excuse anymore. He must explain every policy that is done. We are not playing politics now. We just want to see. I told people to leave him alone (President Tinubu). Last year, he was learning. Now, where do we go? How does he manage the system in a manner to makes life more meaningful for the people?”

He further lamented the level of inflation in the country, noting that the increase in the salaries of workers would not necessarily translate into a better economic experience for the people.