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‘No Justification’ – Daniel Bwala Slams Governors For Rejecting N60K Minimum Wage



'No Justification' – Daniel Bwala Slams Governors For Rejecting N60K Minimum Wage

Senator Daniel Bwala, a former lawmaker, has reacted to the unanimous rejection of the proposed N60,000 minimum wage by the 36 state governors of the federation.

News About Nigeria reports that Bwala, a prominent figure, expressed his disapproval of the governors’ stance in a post on his X page (formerly Twitter) on Saturday.

Recall that the governors of the 36 states of the federation on Friday rejected the N60,000 minimum wage earlier proposed by the federal government

Bwala argued that there is no justification for the governors’ claim that the N60,000 minimum wage is unsustainable.

He said that the conversation should be about upgrading to a reasonable living wage, not just a minimum wage.

Bwala questioned the governors’ claims that paying the proposed minimum wage would leave no funds for development.

The former lawmaker wondered what development the governors have been carrying out in the first place, given the increased FAAC allocation and the lack of improvement in the living conditions of citizens in many states.

Bwala urged Nigerians to be aware of where their problems truly lie.

He implied that the governors’ rejection of the minimum wage proposal is a symptom of a larger issue, which is the mismanagement of resources and lack of prioritisation of citizens’ welfare.

The tweet reads in full: “There is no justification for Nigerian governors saying the 60,000 minimum wage is not sustainable when we are talking about upgrading to a reasonable living wage. Nigerians should better know where their problems lie.

“When governors say if they pay 60k there would be no money left for development, you wonder WHICH DEVELOPMENT HAVE THEY BEEN DOING in the first place.

“Since the increased FAAC allocation, very few governors have improved their states or the living conditions of their citizens.

“Hippopotamus federating units.”