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Peter Obi Criticises Nigeria’s Fiscal Indiscipline, Calls For Education Reform



LP Condemns Incorrect Criticisms Of Peter Obi

In a recent tweet, former Nigerian presidential candidate Peter Obi expressed deep concern over what he described as the nation’s “fiscal indiscipline,” News About Nigeria reports.

He stated that there are obvious differences in Nigeria’s budgetary distributions, specifically huge sums allotted to non-essential areas while vital sectors such as education receive little money.

Obi drew attention to the concerning data regarding Nigeria’s education system, pointing out that the country’s secondary school enrollment rate, at 28%, falls well short of the global average, which is over 80%.

He stated that tertiary education enrollment worldwide averages above 55%, yet it remains below 15% in Nigeria.

“Giant of Africa As the giant of Africa which we are, I remain concerned about our fiscal indiscipline as a nation. Imagine the situation in our Education sector, where the global average of Secondary School enrollment is above 80%, while in Nigeria it is 28%.

“The global Average of Tertiary School enrollment is above 55%, while Nigeria is less than 15%. Yet our budget for the National Assembly Car Parks is N6 billion. The budget for the National Assembly Recreational Facilities is N4 billion.

“Approved for the Construction of Hostels in 12 tertiary Institutions is just N1 billion,” the former Anambra State governor tweeted.

Obi stated that Nigeria needs to realign its financial priorities.

He urged for a reallocation of resources to more critical areas that would impact human and national development.

“It is time for us to stop this financial indiscipline and embrace financial discipline by prioritising the allocation of resources to the critical areas of human and national development. -PO.”