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‘DNA Must Be Conducted For Mohbad And His Dad Before Liam’ – Wunmi’s Sister



'DNA Must Be Conducted For Mohbad And His Dad Before Liam' - Wunmi's Sister

Ogunbayo Karimot, the sister of Mohbad’s wife, has said that DNA will not be conducted on her sister’s son until one is done for the late singer and his father, Joseph Aloba.

According to her, it must first be proven that Joseph Aloba is truly Mohbad’s father before proving that of her nephew, Liam.

News About Nigeria reported that Mohbad’s family has been demanding that a DNA test be conducted on his son to prove that the late musician is truly the father of the child.

Recently, an audio recording emerged where Mohbad’s father explained that the reason he is insisting that DNA be done for his grandson is to appease the Nigerian public regarding a contentious issue.

According to him, this is what many people want, and he believes that it will go a long way in clearing the air concerning the child, himself, his late son, and his family in general.

Responding to his demand in a now-trending video on the internet, Omawumi Aloba’s sister noted that they would not conduct any DNA on Liam until they first confirmed Mohbad’s paternity.

She further noted that if they get a positive result, they will then go ahead and conduct a DNA test on Liam.

She said, “Before we can conduct DNA on Liam and Mohbad, we have to conduct DNA on Mohbad and his father, Joseph Aloba to be sure of his paternity. If we get a positive result, then we can now proceed to getting a DNA on Liam and Mohbad.”