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Davido Finds Healing In Music With ‘Timeless’ Album




Nigerian music sensation Davido has opened up about the therapeutic process of creating his latest album, ‘Timeless’, which he described as a healing journey.

News About Nigeria reports that the album, released on March 31, 2023, marks Davido’s return to the music scene since the loss of his son, Ifeanyi, on October 31, 2022.

In an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music 1, Davido revealed that most of the album was recorded in his home, providing a calm and healing environment.

The singer shared that the recording process allowed him to channel his emotions into his music, making him feel like an artiste who had just secured a record deal.

“I actually recorded most of the album in my house where I live with my wife. At the time, it was really only me, her and her sisters, and I had one of my boys staying with me. It gave me time to really calm down. It was a healing process because I was happy to be making music. I was excited about it. I felt like an artiste that had just got a record deal.”

Davido disclosed that he crafted a total of 28 songs for the album before curating the final tracklist.

He added that he wanted the album to be appreciated on its merit rather than garnering support solely due to his personal loss.

The singer also mentioned his ease of concentration during flights, revealing that airplanes became spaces where he could focus most on his creative process.

Discussing the ‘Are We African Yet’ festival taking place today in Atlanta, USA, Davido expressed his vision for the event, aiming to provide a platform for various artists to showcase their talents annually.

He highlighted the festival’s role in connecting artistes with their fans, especially those unaware of the performers’ existing fan bases.