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Anambra Govt Bans Burial Billboards, Public Display Of Caskets For Sale



The Anambra State Government has restated its commitment to ensuring that residents abide by the burial laws of the state, News About Nigeria reports.

This was stated in a release signed by the Commissioner for Information, Paul Nwosu, on Friday. He emphasized that the laws governing burials in the state remain in effect, and residents must refrain from violating them.

According to Nwosu, the Anambra State House of Assembly enacted the Anambra State Burial/Funeral Ceremonial Control Law on April 9, 2019. According to this law, no person is allowed to erect any billboards, banners, or posters of a deceased person. Instead, they are only permitted to erect directional posts, which should not be displayed before seven days from the burial date and must be removed no later than seven days after the burial.

Nwosu warned that any individual who violates these provisions will, upon conviction, be subject to a fine of N100,000 or a jail sentence of six months, or both.

The law also stipulates that no corpse should be kept in a mortuary for more than two months from the date of death. Anyone who contravenes this rule will face a fine of N100,000 or a six-month imprisonment.

In addition, the law bans any form of wake-keeping for deceased individuals in the state. Vigil masses, service of songs, or any religious activities for the deceased before burial must conclude no later than 9 p.m.

Furthermore, Nwosu emphasized that no food, drinks, live bands, or cultural entertainers are permitted during or after any vigil mass, service of songs, or religious activities for the deceased.

The law also mandates that the burial and funeral ceremonies of indigenous deceased persons should commence with the registration and payment of N1,500 to the town union.

It is further clarified that all burial and funeral ceremonies should be completed in one day. Burial masses or services must commence no later than 9 a.m. and should not exceed two hours in duration.

The statement also notes that no preserved corpse should be exposed for more than 30 minutes, and the number of undertakers should not exceed six individuals. There shall be no undertaker displays during the burial ceremony.

The law also specifies that burials are prohibited on any local market day in every town in the state. No funeral brochures are allowed except for the Order of Mass/Service.

The government warns against subjecting any relative of a deceased person to a mourning period lasting more than one week from the date of the burial or funeral.

It is also stressed that there shall be no second funeral rites after burial, except in the case of legacy.

Casket sellers are further cautioned against publicly displaying their caskets for sale, with violators facing a fine of N50,000 or a one-month jail term, or both.

Nwosu clarifies that the magistrate court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over these matters, as specified under the Anambra Burial Law.