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LAWMA Shuts Oyingbo, Alayabiagba Markets



In a move to enforce environmental compliance, the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has sealed off Oyingbo and Alayabiagba markets on Lagos Mainland, News About Nigeria reports.

This action comes after repeated warnings to markets in Lagos to maintain cleanliness and proper environmental practices.

Several other markets in the state also risk being shut down due to improper waste disposal and various environmental violations.

These markets include Tejuosho Model Market Phase 1, Ladipo Market in Mushin, Anjorin Market, Irewolede Plank Market, and Idi-Araba Obele Market.

Others are Oni Baba Market, Oba Morufu International Market (formerly known as Ejigbo Market), Ijora 7UP Market, Okeafa Plank Market, and Ifelodun Fruit Market in Amukoko, among others.

Muyiwa Gbadegesin, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of LAWMA, explained that the decision to close down these markets was reached after numerous warnings about their failure to comply with the state’s Environmental Protection Laws.

These laws emphasize a zero-tolerance approach to environmental offenses, including indiscriminate dumping of refuse, defacing the environment, and refusing to pay for waste services.

“LAWMA has been tirelessly working to enhance the environment throughout the state, especially in commercial areas, by implementing various measures aimed at maintaining the city’s cleanliness.

“However, some individuals and markets are undermining our efforts by flouting the laws and regulations. As needed, such individuals, traders, and markets will face legal consequences,” Gbadegesin stated

He cautioned that other markets engaged in irresponsible waste disposal and environmental violations would face similar repercussions if they failed to comply with stated regulations.

He also emphasized that executive members of these markets would be held accountable for their actions. “It is crucial that we hold businesses responsible for their environmental duties.

“LAWMA’s enforcement action aims to promote a culture of compliance and create a more habitable city for all residents. I want to emphasize that any closed market will have to meet all requirements before it can reopen for business, he added.