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Kanayo O. Kanayo Advocates For Creativity In Nollywood



Kanayo O. Kanayo,

Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed his views on the state of Nigeria’s film industry, emphasising the need for creativity and professionalism.

In an interview with Afia TV, the iconic actor voiced his concerns about some negative trends in the industry.

Kanayo O. Kanayo firmly stated that Nollywood should not become a ‘dumping ground’ for individuals seeking Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), those involved in corporate sex work, or individuals with ulterior motives.

News About Nigeria reports that he emphasised that Nollywood should not be a sanctuary for amateurs or those without a genuine passion for acting.

He stressed that it is essential for aspiring actors to possess a calling for the profession and not join simply because they are struggling in other fields.

Kanayo O. Kanayo highlighted the significance of education in acting and encouraged individuals to recognise whether they have a true calling for the craft.

He discouraged people from entering the industry solely because they perceived it as a quick route to fame and fortune.

The actor expressed concern about the influence of Instagram celebrities and the negative impact they have had on the industry’s reputation.

He encouraged those with genuine talent and passion for acting to pursue their dreams while upholding professionalism and creativity.

“Nollywood should not be a ground for BBL; bum bum enlargement. Nollywood should not be a ground for people doing runs. Nollywood should not be a ground where people’s dollars are stolen in hotels. All these Nollywood girls, it is not a ground for gay or lesbianism.

“It is a ground for creativity. Nollywood is not a ground for learning how to act. Many people come to Nollywood to learn how to act. You are supposed to come to the industry to better and hone your talent.

“Many girls after hearing Genevieve [Nnaji] is a millionaire, Omatola [Akande] is a billionaire, would go and borrow wigs and come [to the movie industry] deceiving themselves,” he said.