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Nigeria Herbal Medicine, New Law Takes Effect



Herbal Medicine

The Nigerian government is set to establish a regulatory body to oversee the activities of herbal medicine practitioners in the country, News About Nigeria reports.

This move comes after a recent investigation by premium times and DUBAWA shed light on the traditional herbal medicine industry.

In a letter addressed to premium times, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMH) acknowledged the findings of the investigation and stated that it is actively working towards the establishment of a regulatory body.

The ministry expressed its commitment to providing quality healthcare and ensuring the well-being of all Nigerians.

The investigation focused on the popular ‘Baba Aisha Herbal Medicine’ and uncovered its harmful nature.

Extensive laboratory tests revealed that the concoction contained ingredients that could potentially lead to cancer, lung diseases, and liver problems. The laboratory report was submitted to the ministry for appropriate action.

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has also responded to the report, expressing its intention to collaborate with relevant authorities such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to address the issues raised in the investigation.

SON is responsible for ensuring that products sold in Nigeria meet quality and certification standards.

The ministry’s letter to PREMIUM TIMES praised the newspapers for their efforts in exposing the harmful concoction and highlighted actions taken by NAFDAC, including the sealing off of the production facility and the arrest of the producer, Salisu Sani.

The laboratory report has been shared with the necessary stakeholders for further action.

Similarly, SON expressed its commitment to addressing the issues raised in the investigation and announced its collaboration with NAFDAC.

The Director-General of SON, Professor Olabayo Kunle, stated that the organization would work closely with NAFDAC to ensure standards in the traditional herbal medicine sector.

Since the publication of the investigation, NAFDAC has taken steps to enforce regulatory standards and remove harmful concoctions from circulation.

However, there are still unanswered questions and promises yet to be fulfilled. NAFDAC had promised to conduct its investigation and share its findings, but there has been no update on this matter.

According to News About Nigeria, NAFDAC conducted a raid on the production facility of the harmful concoction, confiscated various items, and arrested two individuals.

The producer himself was detained after visiting NAFDAC’s office. However, it remains unclear whether Baba Aisha has been granted bail or officially charged in court. These unanswered questions warrant further attention and clarification from the authorities involved.