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‘Why Female Artists Struggle A lot In Entertainment Industry’ – Fast Rising singer Spills



Candy Bleakz

Nigerian singer Candy Bleakz sheds light on the challenges faced by women in the entertainment industry, citing a lack of camaraderie among female artists as a significant hurdle to their success.

News about Nigeria gathered that in an insightful conversation on the Clout Africa podcast, Bleakz opened up about the difficulties she has encountered in her music career due to the absence of strong relationships between female musicians.

The talented rising star explained that the absence of support and unity among female artists makes it harder for them to thrive compared to their male counterparts.

Bleakz expressed that she has faced difficulties in gaining acceptance from her female colleagues, primarily because her unique style of music sets her apart.

The 23-year-old said, “For [Nigerian] female artistes generally, there is no relationship among female artistes. No vibe, no nothing, you know.

“Then now, my music is now even different from what they are doing, now I’m trying to like sync myself in, like, yo, I’m here. What’s up? So, it’s harder.”

Meanwhile, Judy Austin, a prominent actress in Nollywood, has recently shared her insight into the key to success in life’s journey. The talented movie star, who recently became a mother alongside her husband and fellow actor Yul Edochie, took to her official Instagram account to reveal that love is the ultimate weapon one needs to thrive.

According to Judy, when an individual fills their heart with genuine love, they become unstoppable. She emphasized that love has brought immense happiness to her life, making her the happiest girl.