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Duplications, Inserted Projects Discovered In 2024 Budget Will Soon Be Uncovered – ICPC



Duplications, Inserted Projects Discovered In 2024 Budget Will Soon Be Uncovered – ICPC

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has announced that it will soon release a thorough examination of the 2024 budget, News About Nigeria reports.

In a press statement released on Saturday by Demola Bakare, Director of Public Enlightenment and Education/Spokesperson, the Commission revealed its findings of budget duplications and inserted projects within the said budget.

The commission also addressed accusations of being a toothless bulldog.

Bakare stated, “We have completed Phase 6 of ICPC projects tracking/CEPTi, which holds more value than the previous five phases combined. Our analysis of the 2024 budget reveals findings such as budget duplications and inserted projects.”

Furthermore, Bakare affirmed that the Commission will provide more details on its operational activities and anti-corruption initiatives in an upcoming media address by the Honourable Chairman.

ICPC said it “condemns the inaccurate depiction” that it’s a toothless bulldog.

“Contrary to the sensational depiction of being a toothless bulldog, the ICPC wishes to reaffirm its robust efforts in combating corruption across Nigeria.”

The commission said it is currently pursuing various cases across states, including a N22 million contract scam in Benue State.

Bakare added that there are ongoing legal proceedings in federal high courts across multiple states.

Bakare expressed regret over unsubstantiated claims made against the ICPC without consulting the Commission or verifying facts with relevant courts.

He said the ICPC is involved in investigations into alleged infractions by political figures and public officials, particularly concerning government-funded constituency projects.

The statement said, “For avoidance of doubts, the ICPC has conducted thorough investigations into alleged infractions by members of the political class, including Senators and members of the House of Representatives, especially regarding the execution of FG funded constituency projects, with a view to fostering accountability and ethical conduct in public service.”

The statement further added that the commission has compelled over 200 contractors to return and complete long-abandoned projects in the last five phases of its tracking efforts. Additionally, recoveries in cash and assets totalling billions of naira were made between 2019 and 2022.