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Army Commander Says No Banditry, Kidnapping Cases In Kano



The 3rd Brigade of the Nigeria Army, stationed in Kano, proudly announced the absence of reported cases related to banditry, kidnapping, and other high-profile criminal activities within Kano and its surroundings, News About Nigeria reports.

Brigadier General Jamiu Olayinka, the Brigade Commander, shared this news during a courtesy visit by members of the Kano Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists to the Bukavu Barrack on Wednesday.

“I am happy to tell you that we have been able to record zero cases of kidnapping and banditry in Kano and its environs,” General Olayinka affirmed.

This achievement, according to Olayinka, is a result of the collaborative efforts of the Joint Security Taskforce and the exceptional synergy among various security agencies operating in the state.

He emphasised the positive impact of this synergy in maintaining peace and security in Kano, making it safer than ever before.

The Brigade Commander also highlighted the crucial role played by the local community in contributing to the region’s safety through effective intelligence gathering.

The cooperation from the people, combined with the ongoing efforts of the military, has significantly facilitated their mission.

Olayinka detailed that, in the past, certain local government areas, particularly those bordering states known for banditry, faced challenges.

However, through intelligence gathering and coordinated efforts, peace has been restored to these areas.

The military’s activities in the Falgore Forest have proven instrumental in checking the influx of non-state actors into Kano and its environs.

This has not only contributed to enhancing security but has also allowed travellers to navigate the region without fear.

Brigadier General Olayinka reiterated that the military’s primary responsibility is to ensure the protection of lives and properties.

In Kano, their jurisdiction, they are committed to ensuring that the state remains peaceful.

The Chairman of the Correspondents Chapel, Aminu Garko, expressed the readiness of the media to collaborate with the military and other security agencies in information dissemination.

He commended the Brigade Commander for his efforts in contributing to the increased peace and security in Kano, emphasising that the media’s mission is centred on development rather than destruction.