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Exceptional Academic Achievement: Man Who Scored 9As In 1984 WAEC Rewrites Exams, Shines Again

Meet Sarki Abba from Kano State, the genius that was made to rewrite WAEC after scoring 9 distinctions in 1984.




Sarki Abba a student from Kano State, found himself rewriting the WAEC exams he aced in 1984, where he secured a stunning 9 distinctions, News About Nigeria reports.

This extraordinary journey began when exam authorities, skeptical of his achievement, summoned him to Lagos for a retest under rigorous supervision. However, what followed was nothing short of astonishing.

Abba, now an established figure, reiterated his academic brilliance, achieving yet another set of 9 A1 grades.

This unforeseen outcome not only astounded the examiners but also led to a formal apology from the authorities and the establishment of the National Merit Award in recognition of his outstanding achievement.

Speaking about his achievement, Abba said, “I was confident in my abilities and knew I had earned those distinctions fair and square. Rewriting the exams was an opportunity to showcase my dedication to learning.”

Bayo Saburi Badmos, a Facebook user, celebrated Abba’s remarkable journey, stating, “Meet Sarki Abba from Kano State, the genius that was made to rewrite WASCE after scoring 9 distinctions in 1984.”

Abba, who was just 16 years old at the time and a student of Science Secondary School Dawakin Tofa, secured 8 A1s and 1 A2 in his West African Senior School Certificate (WASCE) Exams.

The skepticism of the examination authorities in Lagos led to Abba’s journey to rewrite the exams. This time, he underwent a rigorous three-day examination process under heavy supervision.

Remarkably, Abba not only duplicated his previous success but improved it. Every A2 was transformed into an A1, resulting in a perfect score of 9 A1s.

The authorities, faced with this undeniable proof of Abba’s exceptional abilities, humbly apologized and initiated the National Merit Award, with Sarki Abba being the inaugural recipient. This recognition was well-deserved, considering Abba’s continued academic excellence.

Abba’s academic journey didn’t stop with WAEC; he went on to excel at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

In the 1989/90 school session, at just 21 years old, Sarki Abba graduated as the overall best medical student at ABU Zaria, cementing his status as a true academic luminary.

Bayo Saburi Badmos also highlighted the importance of such inspirational stories for the youth, saying, “These are the kinds of stuff our sons and daughters should be inspired by, not rubbish like BB Naija.”