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Woman Alleges Men Who Don’t Cheat Are Under Powerful Spell



Cheating Partners

In a surprising statement that has sparked debate, a woman named Amah Chisom has alleged that if a man does not have the urge or thoughts to cheat on his wife or girlfriend, it likely means he is under a powerful spell.

Chisom took to her Instagram page to share her belief, emphasizing the naturalness of infidelity. News About Nigeria reports.

According to Chisom, it is considered normal for men to cheat or, at the very least, have a track record of infidelity.

She went on to claim that men who do not cheat or feel the desire to cheat are abnormal because infidelity is inherent to their nature.

In her Instagram post, Chisom asserted that if a man discovers he is unable to cheat on his spouse, girlfriend, or any other partner, he should recognize it as a sign that he is under a spell.

Watch the video below;

Infidelity in relationships is a complex issue, and individuals’ attitudes toward it can vary greatly based on cultural, personal, and moral beliefs.

While some may argue that cheating is widespread among men, others believe that faithfulness and loyalty are attainable traits in relationships.

It is crucial to recognize that opinions on infidelity may differ, but promoting understanding, empathy, and healthy relationship dynamics should always be encouraged.

Chisom’s assertion represents her personal opinion and should not be taken as a universally accepted truth.

Relationships are built on trust, communication, and mutual understanding, and individuals have different expectations and boundaries when it comes to fidelity.

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