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Ukraine: Deputy Detonates Grenades During Village Council Meeting, 26 Injured



Ukraine: Deputy Detonates Grenades During Village Council Meeting, 26 Injured

In the western Zakarpattia area of Ukraine, a shocking incident happened on Friday when a local deputy carried explosives to a village council meeting and detonated them there, News About Nigeria reports.

The meeting was being live-streamed on Facebook when the attack took place

The national police reported that at least 26 people sustained injuries in the aftermath of the explosion.

A video circulating online captured the moment when the deputy tossed the grenades into the council’s meeting room.

The attendees, initially surprised, paused as the explosive devices fell, unsure of how to react.

Many of them appeared to believe it was a prank, leading to a momentary standstill.

According to a police statement shared on Telegram messenger, the grenades were detonated amid an ongoing council session.

“26 people were injured, six of them in serious condition,” said the police.

A video released by the police on Telegram depicted the deputy entering the room, removing grenades from his pocket, and throwing them towards the people present.

The incident occurred inside the Keretsky Village Council building in Zakarpattia, and the police initially reported that the deputy lost his life. However, a subsequent statement clarified that resuscitation measures were being administered by medical professionals.

The National Police provided details on the alarming event on its Facebook page, stating, “Today at 11.37, line 102 received a message that one of the deputies exploded grenades in the building of Keretsky Council of Mukachevo district during a session meeting.”

Six people reportedly remain in critical condition.

The motives behind the deputy’s actions and the specific repercussions of the incident are currently under investigation.