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Davido’s Sidechick Anita Brown Apologises To Chioma



anita brown and davido

Anita Brown, the woman who claimed to be pregnant with Nigerian superstar Davido’s child, has issued a public apology to Davido’s wife, Chioma, and expressed her desire to be remembered for love and positivity.

This apology comes after Anita Brown made negative comments about Chioma and her late son, Ifeanyi, on social media.

News About Nigeria gathered that Anita Brown had previously alleged that Davido was the father of her child and accused him of neglecting his responsibilities.

She even shared alleged text message screenshots between herself and Davido, adding to the ongoing controversy.

In her recent apology, Anita Brown acknowledged that she was going through a traumatic and tragic period in her life but refrained from elaborating further.

She expressed deep regret for allowing her pain and feelings of betrayal to lead her to speak negatively about another woman.

The apology was specifically directed at Chioma, with Anita Brown emphasising that she had no intention of speaking ill of her or her child. Instead, she expressed her preference for spreading love and positivity in the world.

“I am going through a traumatic & tragic time in my life. I honestly don’t want to speak on it & don’t need to, or have to speak on it.

“It’s too much to bear right now. I’m disquieted by all of the events that have taken place. The only thing I will say is I regret that I let my pain and feelings of betrayal allow me to turn against another woman.

“So, I apologize to Chioma. I never intended to speak on you or your child. Losing is never a good feeling, being hurt by someone you love and care about is not a good feeling,” she wrote.