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Busola Oke Accuses Bayowa Films Of Withholding Royalties Due To Refusal Of Sexual Advances



Busola Oke, a well-known Nigerian gospel singer, has come forward with allegations against her music marketer, Bayowa Films, accusing him of withholding her rightful royalties due to her refusal to engage in a sexual relationship with him.

In a recently released video, the gospel singer expressed her frustration over her inability to claim her well-deserved earnings from her music, despite producing songs that generated substantial income while being managed by Bayowa Films.

Busola Oke disclosed that following Bayowa Films’ betrayal, during which he unlawfully seized her earnings from numerous hit songs she produced under his management, she was forced to sell her assets and endured significant financial losses from which she has yet to fully recover.

Recalling her initial collaboration with Bayowa and the subsequent release of numerous tracks marketed by him, Busola Oke shared her belief that the film practitioner would eventually face the consequences of his actions.

The aggrieved singer lamented that, if not for Bayowa’s heartless and insatiable greed, she would have achieved substantial wealth and recognition by now.

She said, “My child has been admitted to a college in America, and she needs money. I should be able to say that this is the amount I provided for her needs.”

“Some people have my earnings; they’re enjoying life with it. They’re using my sweat to enjoy life. They’re profiting from my hard work.”

“Only God will judge you, Bayowa. You’re wicked and heartless. The only thing I didn’t lose is that we didn’t have a physical relationship or sleep together.”

“I refused to allow you to take advantage of my body the way you exploited my intellectual property. I’m glad I’m not like that.”