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Insecurity: Benue Governor Bans Holding Of Public Events, Rallies Beyond 10pm



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The Benue state governor, Hyacinth Alia, has banned residents of the state from holding public events and rallies beyond 10 pm, News About Nigeria reported.

According to the governor, it is now an offence for families who lost their loved ones to organise wakes beyond 10 pm in Benue State.

Governor Alia also disclosed that farming on empty, unfenced plots of land in front of any premises, on the street, or by the roadside within urban areas in the state is now prohibited.

He further noted that farming in undeveloped areas of government offices, quarters, or reserved areas, prostitution, and child labour, among others are no longer permitted, as offenders will have to pay between N20,000 and N500,000 fine, or face imprisonment, depending on the gravity of the offence.

The decision, according to the governor, is to help curb the widespread criminality, kidnappings, murders, and intimidation that are gradually becoming the order of the day in the state.

Governor Alia made the revelation when he signed the executive order establishing the Department of Public Order in the Ministry of Justice to coordinate government policies and matters relating to public order on Friday.

He also noted that the order was pursuant to Section 14 sub-section (2) of the 1999 constitution and Section 10 of the Public Order Act, CAP 382 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Governor Alia gave the new public acts to include, “disobedience to traffic rules, child labour and exploitation, all forms of prostitution, indiscriminate dumping of refuse on road dividers, open defecation and urination, demanding of marching ground levy from developers, building on water channels or structures, kiosks, shanties on the right of way, hawking or selling of goods of any kind by the roadside or on the road.

“Also prohibited is farming on empty unfenced plots of land or in front of any premises or on the street, or by the roadside within urban areas. Farming on undeveloped areas of government offices or quarters or reserved areas. From the commencement of the order, rallies, wakes and other forms of public gatherings should not be held beyond the hours of 10 pm in the state.”

He however noted that “any person or group wishing to hold a gathering beyond 10 pm are advised to first, seek and obtain a permit from the Department of Public Order at the Ministry of Justice.”