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Doctors Urge Tinubu To Allocate 15% Of 2024 Budget To Health Sector



The Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has called upon President Bola Tinubu to allocate a minimum of 15% of the 2024 annual budget to the health sector, News About Nigeria gathered.

NARD’s President, Dr Dele Abdullahi, made this appeal during an interview with The PUNCH, highlighting the health sector’s exclusion from the 2023 supplementary budget as a pressing concern.

Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) also expressed disappointment regarding the omission of the health sector from the supplementary budget, emphasising its critical role in the nation’s well-being.

The National Assembly recently approved a ₦2.18tn supplementary budget for 2023, primarily aimed at addressing defense, security, and providing welfare packages.

Dr Abdullahi lamented the current state of the health sector, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive improvements. He urged the government to allocate a substantial portion of the 2024 budget to the health sector, in line with the Abuja Declaration of 2001, which recommends that 15% of annual budgetary allocations be directed towards healthcare.

“It is sad and unfortunate that the health sector was not included in the supplementary budget. The health sector is in shambles and a lot of things need to be done about the sector but it was considered in the budget.

“There are other things that need to be addressed in the health sector. I hope the government will make the 2024 budget for the health sector very reasonable because since 2001 when the Abuja Declaration was made, Nigeria has never met that target.

“I hope the government will allocate at least 15 per cent of the 2024 budget to the health sector in the 2024 budget. The Abuja Declaration commitment requires the nation to ensure that 15 per cent of its annual budgetary allocation goes to health.”

Dr Obinna Ogbonna, Acting Chairman of JOHESU, also expressed concern over the health sector’s exclusion from the supplementary budget, particularly regarding issues like salary structures and worker welfare.

He hopes to engage with relevant authorities to rectify this oversight and ensure that the health sector receives the necessary support.