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The Man I Want Is A Supporter Of Tinubu – Confused Lady Seeks For Advice




A woman has opened up about how political affiliation is posing a threat to her relationship with a potential suitor whom she is considering for marriage.

News About Nigeria understands that the lady expressed her concern that the man is a staunch supporter of President Bola Tinubu, and this has become a significant obstacle in her decision-making process.

Despite the suitor’s persistent pressure for her to accept his marriage proposal, the woman finds herself conflicted due to their differing political leanings.

While she acknowledges that the man possesses all the qualities she desires in a partner, his support for Tinubu has raised concerns for her.

The predicament came to light when the woman confided in Twitter influencer Afam, who shared her dilemma via his social media platform.

Afam posted a screenshot of the message he received from the lady, shedding light on her predicament.

In her message, the woman expressed her admiration for the potential husband and the fact that he meets all her criteria for an ideal partner.

However, she revealed that his unwavering support for Tinubu’s political ideology has left her worried and uncertain about the future of their relationship.

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Political affiliations have long been a sensitive topic in relationships, and it is not uncommon for individuals to have differing political opinions.

In Nigeria, where political allegiances can often be intense and emotionally charged, the issue takes on added significance. The lady’s hesitations stem from her fear that their differing political affiliations could lead to strained conversations, conflicts, or even difficulties in understanding and supporting each other’s beliefs.

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